What I Think about Football Hooligans

croy2I get it; everyone has their favourite football teams and players and would support them with all the zeal and vigour that comes with the territory of being an avid supporter. However, the destruction that some of these hooligans can cause is monumental and should be stamped out post haste.


Hooliganism is a stigma that will follow a football club for the duration of its life on the field. Such a stigma is crippling to a club and, by and large, the players. Players lose opportunities because their following is obnoxious, violent and downright dangerous. Life is precious, and if a supporter or scout deems that anyone’s life is in danger because of one or more persons who bears no affiliation to the club, they will take every opportunity to avoid such situations like the plague.


Avoidance is one way not to get yourself killed by overzealous supporters. Having to choose safety and good clean entertainment should never be an option. It is regrettable that so often in football that this type of behaviour is perpetrated by a few but embraced by the many. What is sad is that for most of the players this is their only source of income and for someone to prevent another from making a living is unfair.


croy3It is sad that these football hooligans have such tunnel vision and unawareness of the detriment that their unruly behaviour can cause. Ultimately, the hooligans in question are not going to be blamed nor will they experience any adverse repercussions from such debauchery.

In the end the ones like me experience:

  • Rejection
  • Stigmatism
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of drive

Football hooligans have no idea of the effect of their madness. Yes, I said madness because only a mad person can deduce that wrecking businesses, homes, vehicles and property can change the outcome of a match or by some miracle cause their supported team’s outcome to be favourable.

Enjoy the game, by all means be passionate about your favourite player, but use a little common sense and decorum before you choose to embrace on a tirade of destruction. It’s a nonsensical, thoughtless and selfish move. There is no place in football for hooliganism. I have invested my time and energy into playing a sport that I love and my intent is that someday my name will be known in football circles, just like the football legends that went before me.