Premier League Salaries are Soaring, as Popularity Remains Steady for 2016

croy11Football is played and watched around the world, with more than 250 million players, earning huge amounts of cash yearly thanks to player salaries, commissions, promotions and advertisements. Also, dozens of popular football clubs dominate the sport, and have helped to build football into the most popular and successful sport in the world today.

And speaking of football leagues, the acknowledged leader and innovator is the Premier League or the English Premier League, considered the richest sporting league in the world, and the most watched and followed, as well. Since 1992, the Premier League has managed to attract millions of fans, with record viewership and passionate support. And all of this was made possible thanks to the professional players who made up the Premier League, from Wayne Rooney to Robin van Persie.

These players are the reasons why the Premier League is the best sporting league today, and for this reason alone Premier League players are some of the best-paid professionals in the world. How large is the paycheck of a professional player playing in the Premier League? Read on, and find out who’s earning how much in Premier League football.

Wayne Rooney Takes Home the Biggest Pay

croy12While it has been said that all men are created equal at birth, there comes a point when inequality happens, especially in football. In the Premier League, the players are well compensated, and this can be seen in their lifestyle and in the size of the crowds they draw to the stadiums.

On average, a professional player playing for the Premier League takes home £44,000 a week, which translates to £2.29 million a year. This is just the average figure, an amount that is certainly dwarfed by what Wayne Rooney will receive in the next few years. Rooney signed a contract in 2014 to a tune of £260,000 weekly for the next five years!

Other Players in the £200k Mark Per Week

Aside from Rooney, there are four more Premier League players who managed to snag a great contract worth at least £200k a week. There are playing like Sergio Aguero of Man City, taking home £240k from a five-year contract signed in 2014. Also taking home the same amount is Yaya Tour, from a 4-year contract signed in 2013. Eden Hazard of Chelsea takes home £220k weekly, and this was made official in 2015. The list also includes David Silva of Man City who receives a whopping £200k a week, from a five-year deal signed 2014.

‘Lower Half’- other Premier League Players with Massive Weekly Paychecks

The next set of players is assured to take home at least £160k; two of the players are from Chelsea, and another two from Man City. Mesut Ozil, the only player from Arsenal to land in the Top 10 of this list, is receiving at least £190k. Raheem Sterling from Man City takes home £180k, and Cesc Fabregas and Kevin De Bruyne are known to receive £170k weekly. Finally, John Terry of Chelsea gets £160k.

Chelsea Takes the Lead among Clubs

croy13If one takes a look at the Premier League clubs, it is Chelsea that is considered the club with the highest wage bill. Here are the other clubs with the highest wage bills, and their corresponding payroll amount (2015-16):

  • Chelsea, £215.6m
  • Manchester United, £203m
  • Manchester City, £193.8m
  • Arsenal, £192m
  • Liverpool, £152m

These are the estimated total weekly salaries of top Premier League players, before taxes. Keep in mind that actual pay may vary depending on the bonus pay arrangements of each participating club.