My Favourite Football Quotes

Lionel-MessiSince I was a wee lad, football has been in my blood. Now that I am grown, I still eat, sleep and breathe the sport I love so dearly. Football greats before me have coined some phrases that I draw from for inspiration. Although I am not going to recite them verbatim, they still hold major significance for me in my day to day life as well as my football life.

It is always good to pay careful attention to what the persons at the top have to say.

  1. “Persons who work together will triumph, whether it is counter to complex football defences, or the ills that plague of current society.”

This quote by Vince Lombardi is profound for me. It stresses that team work is important to conquer things in life. It is better to work as a team than to work solo. More can be accomplished that way.

  1. “The quality of football in England is at the top level. The world leader in football is English football.” This is a quote by Pele.

I find this inspiring as it allows me to understand the true feelings of a man who is revered in the football community and who was at top of his game in the height of his football career.

  1. “The good thing is, in football, things can change in a second.”

This quote by Didier Drogba is so simple yet so accurate. Even in everyday life, things can change in an instant. It makes you pay attention to the things you do every day and to appreciate life as it happens.

  1. Lionel Messi said, “Elegance and talent are meaningless without rigour and precision in football, just like in watchmaking.”

As one of the superstars in football, Lionel Messi hit the proverbial nail on the head when he said that. It indicates that even the true superstars of the sport have a mantra to which they live and operate. They take football seriously and with good reason. To become the best, you have to emulate the best and think like the best.

These are some of the most inspiring and profound quotes ever said by any footballer. All of them are an expression of what can be achieved if we work together and if we place 100 percent of effort in the things we want to achieve in life.