Know the Best Football Betting Strategies to Kick Off Your Betting Experience

croy4Football is the world’s most popular sport, and one of the most physical of sports, as well. In the game of football players must kick the ball up the field and direct it into the goal of the opposing team to get a score. It can be a physical game, where players from each side fight for ball possession as they make their way down the field. But enjoying this sport does not require the same kind of hard work, nor do we need to suffer under the sweltering heat of the sun. Beyond being a passionate fan and spectator, there are other ways to enjoy the game.

One popular way to enjoy the game of football is to engage in football betting. The great thing about football betting and betting in general is that you can enjoy the action, and potentially win cash on the side. But before you bet on football it pays to understand a few tips and strategies. Betting can be a streaky enterprise, which means that the bettor will generally suffer a series of losses before achieving some substantial wins. With this in mind, it pays to be aware of the right mind-set to adopt and strategies to use when betting on football.

Get Your Notebook, and Take Note of the Stats

Remember the last time your guy friends were talking about and comparing your favourite football teams, whether Brazil could eke out a win against the Netherlands for a third place finish at the 2014 World Cup? The conversations focused on stats, the players, and of course, the Brazil’s win/loss record.

You need to keep the same things in mind when it comes to betting on football; you need to take a look at some important statistics, like team form, home and away records, head-to-head results, and team news.

As mentioned, football can be a physical sport, and there will be times when the top scorers will get injured and will be side-lined for the next few matches. Pay attention to team form and head-to-head statistics. The information you can get can become the foundation for your next inspired bet!

Know the Types of Available Football Bets

croy5It’s a requirement that you understand the different kinds of soccer or football bets that are available. Football bets come in different forms and types, such as ‘single’, deemed the most basic, and ‘match odds’. Sometimes, the bets you can place on football will depend on how the teams score, such as ‘first goal scorer’, ‘last goal scorer’ and ‘correct score’. The availability of betting options will depend on the bookmaker you are working with.

The most popular is the single betting option, and most bookmakers design betting specials around this offer. For example, a leading United Kingdom bookmaker offers an England Free Bet Special. Under this betting arrangement, in the event that the English team wins, you can place a free £5 bet, provided you wagered at least £10. So knowing the latest promotions by the bookmakers is another helpful football betting strategy!

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So You Also Want to Try In-Play Football Betting?

Also known as live betting, this approach to betting is highly entertaining when done with male friends during a visit to the pub. The betting happens at the start of the game, and the results are immediately known at the completion of the game. For in-play bets, you can follow the football game while enjoying libations with friends. It’s one of the best ways to join in the excitement of live betting.