Become a Football Star and Live Your Dreams

15165Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Müller and Neymar. For those with a vested interest in the beautiful game of football, these names can be considered part of an elite list. And while a listing of the best players is often debatable, there’s no denying that many critics and sports enthusiasts regularly include these names in their lists of the best.

These professionals are considered the elite not just because they can play well and score goals; they are considered ahead of the pack thanks to their leadership skills and the charisma they bring to the table. Thanks to their established reputations, many young fans and even amateurs look to them for inspiration, and dream of becoming a football star.

But how does one become a football star, a sporting great? Are stars manufactured and made in training camps, or is a star born a star? While some will say that a star is usually born with the requisite genetics, there’s no denying that one needs to work hard for it, to find the right connections and keep that passion burning.

Hone Your Skills and Get Noticed

Gone are the days when football clubs hosted try-outs or talent days to learn about and discover new talents. Today, football clubs and teams are now taking pro-active steps in their search for new football talent. Some of the established teams around the world now employ specialized coordinators and scouts to identify new and raw talents at the grassroots level. This means that you need to showcase your skills in school as if it each game was to be your last chance at greatness.

It’s All about Character and Personality

While football players require a set of skills including dribbling, shooting, passing and trapping of the ball, there’s another side to player development – character and personality. Here are some of the things football scouts are looking for:

  • Teamwork, how you play with others
  • Having the right kind of attitude and passion
  • A special trait that will make a player stand out from the rest

Start Young by Joining School Teams and Clubs

Most football scouts visit schools to find new talents. If joining a school club is not possible, make sure you apply for membership in a local club. But membership alone will not cut it when you want to become a star. If you want the scouts to notice you, you need to progress to the next level, perhaps join a county or district team, and if possible, you should try to get to a place where your skills are so strong that you are chosen to represent the country at youth and school levels.