Me, Croydon, and Becoming a Football Star

croyIt should be no stretch of the imagination that as a lad growing up in Croydon, England, I wanted to be a football player. I would sit in front of the television set and imagine I was like Diego Maradona and Pele, more often than not forsaking my chores. Often times I would get punished for not completing my tasks, but in the back of my mind and soul was always that incessant craving and longing to play what I consider to be the greatest sport on earth.

While other lads yearned for video games, my interests were footballs, cleats, and football gear. My parents could not understand why I was so intrigued by football and secretly wished I would become a doctor or dentist. When I become older, the thought of going to college was most frightening because the opportunities to play football were few and far between.

So, imagine when I got a call from the coach of the more formidable football clubs in Croydon to play for their team I was shocked. As you can guess, I was elated and a little bit apprehensive. The question soon arose of how am I known to this club and why would they want little old me?

I soon came to the realization that that my dad was a long-time friend of the coach and had mentioned of my interest in playing professional football. He failed to mention however, that my aim was not only to play football but to be so good that I would become a household name. Children would hear my name and immediately recognize who I was, and branded businesses would come knocking on my door for me to be the face of their products.

Understandably, being in a little club in Croydon, England offers no real opportunities to excel to where I dream of being, but at the same time, I am playing the sport that brings my heart joy. What I need now is exposure to the right people, to the right person. Exposure comes at a price, however, a price of family and friends. Am I ready to pay that price? Sure!

Opportunities lost are often not regained, and I will be dammed if I allow anyone of them to elude me. For too long I have had this dream of becoming a football star; it is time this life-long dream becomes reality.